Ayden Activation Group | INARIA
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When a global brand like INARIA hosts the 30th Annual Schwan’s USA Cup, you send in Ayden
Activation, the first-string brand ambassadors to represent the company and assist the 9-day
event. Attracting over 1,000 teams from 17 states and 17 countries, it’s the largest youth soccer
tournament in the Western Hemisphere. This was the first retail footprint into the United States for
Toronto-based designer and manufacturer of soccer equipment. It was also the ideal venue to
showcase its new soccer line. There’s only one word to describe how it went down:
The Solution
Ayden Activation’s strategy was simple — use experienced ambassadors who were already raving
soccer fans, people who knew the game, the teams and the rules. And whose infectious excitement
would energize crowds to participate in all the thrilling events. Ayden Ambassadors manned the
human foosball game, soccer tennis game, the branded pop-up tents, sports expo, clubhouse and the
huge dome. They distributed t-shirts, handed out water bottles and souvenirs, ushered fans
throughout the stadium and grounds, and drove traffic to INARIA retail store. Training taught the team
to be safety conscious at all times and to spot potential situations before they turned into real