Ayden Activation Group | MR. CLEAN CAR WASH
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Mr. Clean Car Wash is the new kid on the block in Georgia, Texas and Ohio markets.
The competition consists of well-established, full-service car washes, as well as do-ityourself
car wash businesses, not to mention people who wash their cars at home. The
PLUS factor for the Mr. Clean Car Wash franchise is its equity in its national brand,
which has been around for generations.
Most regional competitors in the car wash
business use mailer coupons to attract
customers. Some use radio remotes to drum up
business. All offer coupons at the end of the car
wash to entice customers to return at a future
date. Mr. Clean wanted something more than a
discount to compete.
The main objective was to convince automobile
owners to try Mr. Clean Car Wash. Offering an
incredible introductory price was only half the
strategy. The other half involved using brand
ambassadors supplied by Ayden Activation
Group to engage potential customers.
Ambassadors were given special training to
explain why Mr. Clean Car Wash was not only
the best value, but also offered the best service,
in clean, comfortable surroundings. Additionally,
Mr. Clean needed a more effective means of
reaching the target audience than traditional media, such as radio, TV, print and outdoor
Ayden Activation Group had worked with the advertising agency of record for Mr. Clean
Car Wash on two previous occasions, promoting the franchise to Atlanta drivers. The
campaign proved so successful, it was rolled out to Texas and Ohio markets.
Brand ambassadors were briefed on what makes Mr. Clean Car Wash better than the
competition. These ambassadors mentioned the 100%, 96-hour guarantee. Potential
customers needed to learn that Mr. Clean uses the freshness of Febreeze when
cleaning a vehicle, a fact that would mean a great deal to female customers.
Ambassadors also needed to mention the various services offered by Mr. Clean, such
as wash packages, express detailing services and oil change packages. It was also
important that customers discover Mr.
Clean is GREEN, a company,
dedicated to recycling the water it
uses. Ayden placed brand
ambassadors in high-traffic areas,
where they could hand out brochures
and coupons. Ambassadors were
trained to engage potential customers
on a one-to-one basis. The overall
goal was to get people to try Mr. Clean
Car Wash just once, because that’s all
it would take to make them a loyal
customer. To stand out, brand
ambassadors wore branded t-shirts
and hats featuring Mr. Clean graphics. The plan included the following:
• Secure permission from area supermarkets to allow Mr. Clean brand
ambassadors to be on the premises.
• Generate attention about the new Mr. Clean Car Wash business.
• Hand out brochures that highlight the advantages of using this unique car
• Offer potential customers an extremely valuable coupon.
• Remind people that they are receiving a limited-time offer, and their
immediate action is required.
• Leverage the Mr. Clean brand to instill immediate consumer confidence.
• Remind customers that the Mr. Clean guarantee means they have nothing
to lose.
• Encourage potential customers that they should try this new car wash at
least once.