Ayden Activation Group | Physicians Immediate Care
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Physicians Immediate Care

Physicians Immediate Care, also known as Physicians Urgent Care, was
founded in early 1987 under the leadership of John J. Koehler, M.D., in Rockford,
Ill. Today the company is led by Stan Blaylock, President and Chief Executive
Officer, and Dr. Koehler, Founder & Chief Medical Officer. For more than 25
years, PIC been dedicated to bringing affordable and convenient health care to
the communities that they serve.
CHALLENGE: Educate the public on the locations and services provided by
Physicians Immediate Care in within a limited budget.
Ayden worked with Physicians Immediate Care to assist in the marketing and
launch of several PIC locations throughout Illinois and Indiana. With ample
competition from healthcare providers, Ayden put together a complete package
of on-the-ground marketing strategies to reach a wide cross section of customers
within close proximity to each location. The Grand Opening of several of the PIC
locations presented a unique opportunity to inform people of the arrival of the
client in a creative and meaningful way.
SOLUTION: Promote the Physicians Immediate Care brand using a Business to
Business campaign delivering promotional materials and literature to targeted
Ayden hired and trained 3 staff members and a market manager that hit the
streets to deliver the message and mission of PIC and act as representatives for
the client and inform the public of their affordable and convenient health care
services. Brand Ambassadors targeted various local businesses including
restaurants, gyms, hotels and retail stores with carefully crafted talking points to
engage customers, employees and management.