Charter Communications

Brand: Charter Communications, Inc. Market: St. Louis, MO

Activation Brief: Charter Communications faced the challenge of increasing the number of subscriptions to its Pay-Per-View division for the WWE Wrestle Mania cable events in the St. Louis market. To achieve this goal, Ayden Activation Group was tasked with executing a strategic marketing campaign.

Execution: Ayden Activation Group devised a comprehensive three-day marketing surge to capture the attention of the St. Louis audience. A six-person street team strategically targeted high-traffic and busy locations throughout the area, distributing over 20,000 flyers to event participants outside the Family Arena and other relevant spots. This direct engagement aimed to generate interest and encourage sign-ups for Charter’s Pay-Per-View service.

To further enhance visibility and brand exposure, Ayden also deployed backpack billboards as part of the street team’s promotional efforts. These mobile billboards, worn by brand ambassadors, showcased Charter’s advertisement for the WWE Wrestle Mania events while they engaged with the audience. The backpack billboards provided an eye-catching and innovative way to reach potential customers on the move.

In addition to the street team and backpack billboards, Ayden utilized a mobile billboard advertising truck, which traveled along highways and high-traffic roadways, displaying Charter’s advertisement for the WWE Wrestle Mania events. This multi-pronged approach ensured thousands of direct impressions of Charter’s message, further driving viewership subscriptions.


  • Six-person street team

  • Backpack billboards

  • Mobile billboard advertising truck

Results: Ayden Activation’s dynamic campaign yielded impressive results for Charter Communications. The street team’s distribution of over 20,000 flyers, combined with the impactful backpack billboards, contributed to a significant increase in viewership for the WWE Wrestle Mania events in the St. Louis market.

The mobile billboard truck also proved highly effective, garnering numerous honks and cheers from enthusiastic consumers as it traveled local streets and highways. The overwhelming acknowledgment of Ayden’s marketing efforts was evident through positive comments received by the street team, with consumers expressing their intent to subscribe to Charter’s Pay-Per-View service.

Conclusion: Ayden Activation Group’s strategic marketing campaign successfully addressed Charter Communications’ challenge of increasing WWE Wrestle Mania event subscriptions in the St. Louis market. The well-coordinated efforts of the six-person street team, along with the eye-catching backpack billboards and impactful mobile billboard truck, generated a surge in Charter’s Pay-Per-View viewership.

By employing non-traditional and engaging tactics, Charter Communications achieved its objectives, capturing the audience’s attention and driving significant subscription growth. The partnership between Charter and Ayden demonstrated the power of innovative marketing approaches, including backpack billboards, in achieving tangible and positive outcomes for brands in the competitive entertainment industry.