Metro PCS

Brand: Metro PCS

Market: St. Louis, MO

Media: Street Teams, Door Hangers, Branded Restaurant Placemats

Activation Brief: Metro PCS aimed to increase consumer interest in its phone carrier services in the St. Louis market. They sought an interactive and entertaining approach to showcase the advantages of Metro PCS to potential customers. Turning to Ayden Activation Group, a trusted and experienced marketing partner, Metro PCS envisioned boosting sales and improving brand image through direct customer interactions.

Execution: Understanding the significance of personal interactions, Ayden Activation Group devised a robust guerrilla marketing strategy. Over a 5-month marketing blitz, 30 customized marketing street team campaigns were executed. Metro PCS promoted its Wireless for All and $5 Hot Spot features, as well as other services. Street teams strategically targeted high-traffic locations such as churches, popular shopping and entertainment districts, sports events, festivals, transit stations, and more. They engaged consumers with compelling conversations, distributing scratch-off game cards, promotional fliers, branded chapsticks, soda mug sleeves, carrying bags, and ponchos at various events.

Brand Ambassadors also played a pivotal role by participating in 25 Metro PCS grand opening store ceremonies. Collaborating with popular radio stations, ambassadors set up promotional tables and distributed Metro PCS gifts and information flyers while educating consumers on the perks of choosing Metro PCS.

Results: The 5-month campaign resulted in a significant increase in new Metro PCS carrier plans and enhanced the brand’s image as a reliable phone carrier in the market. Consumers responded positively to the direct and engaging interactions with the street teams and brand ambassadors, recognizing the benefits of having Metro PCS as their phone carrier.

Conclusion: Ayden Activation Group’s strategic guerrilla marketing approach, coupled with Metro PCS’s commitment to customer engagement, proved to be a winning formula. By creating memorable and positive experiences for potential customers, Metro PCS effectively conveyed its unique offerings and advantages. The collaboration between Metro PCS and Ayden Activation Group solidified the brand’s position in the competitive phone carrier market in St. Louis, driving increased interest and sales.