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A marketing plan focuses the company’s attention on the customer and recognizes that satisfying the customer is the foundation of every business. Indeed, the customer is the central player in the cast of every business venture. According to marketing expert Ted Levitt, the primary purpose of a business is not to earn a profit; instead, it is “to create and keep a customer. The rest, given reasonable good sense, will take care of itself.“ Every area of the business must practice putting the customer first in planning and actions. A guerrilla marketing plan should accomplish four objectives:

  1. It should pinpoint the target markets the small company will serve.
  2. It should determine customer needs, wants, and characteristics through market research.
  3. It should analyze a company’s competitive advantages and build an effective, cost-efficient
    marketing strategy around them.
  4. It should help create a marketing mix that meets customer needs and wants.
This section should identify the overall purpose of this proposal, to serve as both an overview and a preview of what will be presented.

Why Ayden?

In order to write a successful proposal, it is important to properly answer the question of how your company will solve the client’s problems. Make sure to spend ample time understanding what situation your client is in, clearly explain your best understanding of the problem, and get into the finer details of how you’re going to solve the problem, explaining in detail while making sure to keep projections accurate and realistic. This is also a great section to highlight any knowledge that can set you apart from the competition.

Ayden Activation Group is a full-service experiential and non-traditional marketing agency here to ignite brand interest in ways never imagined before. From guerilla street teams, to experiential activations, to innovative out-of-home advertising, our “outside the box” approach finds fresh ways to get in front of your customer’s eyeballs and stay there.

With over 15 years of experience lighting up major brands, including T-Mobile, Live Nation, Feld Entertainment, Centers for Disease Control, and more, we have the means to create and execute all aspects of your campaign. Yet our nimble and agile structure allows us to respond to curveballs in real-time and make changes as the need arises to maximize results.

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What We Do

Although we started with staffing, we have grown into a full-service operation offering a full feast of experiential and non-traditional marketing agency services, including event, guerilla, and street team marketing activations, as well as out-of-home and place-based campaigns.

OUR REACH – We serve clients nationwide, as well as internationally. We have the reach and relationships needed to provide staffing in any size market, large or small, even rural areas many agencies won’t touch.

Market research for a small business can be informal; it does not have to be time consuming, complex, or expensive to be valuable. Many entrepreneurs are discovering the speed, the convenience, and the low cost of conducting market research over the Web. Online surveys, customer opinion polls, and other research projects are easy to conduct, cost virtually nothing, produce quick responses, and help companies connect with their customers. Insight Express, an online market research firm, estimates that an online survey costs just 20 percent of what it costs to conduct a mail survey and only 10 percent of what it costs for a telephone survey. With Web-based surveys, businesses can get real-time feedback from customers, often using surveys they have designed themselves.


A major part of the entrepreneur’s business plan is the marketing plan, which focuses on a company’s target customers and how best to satisfy their needs and wants. A solid marketing plan should pinpoint the specific target markets the company will serve, determine customer needs and wants through market research, analyze the firm’s competitive advantages and build a marketing strategy around them, and create a marketing mix that meets customer needs and wants.

When plotting a marketing strategy, owners must strive to achieve a competitive advantage, some way to make their companies different from and better than the competition. Successful small businesses rely on 16 guerrilla marketing principles to develop a competitive edge: niche-picking, generating publicity, entertailing, connecting with their customers, building a consistent branding strategy, embracing social networking, starting a blog, creating online videos, emphasizing their uniqueness, focusing on customers’ needs, retaining existing customers, emphasizing quality, paying attention to convenience, concentrating on innovation, dedicating themselves to service, and emphasizing speed.

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Media FormatMarketLocation Description# UnitsSize (h x w)4 Week IMP's# of WeeksMedia RateProduction CostTotal 4 Week Cost
ExampleNew YorkLorem ipsum text here50036" x 24"Words!6$25,620All-Inclusive$25,620


Declare how long it will take to finalize the project. Be as clear as possible and break the project into as many milestones as it makes sense. The big question to answer here concisely is how long it will take to complete the project. Be sure to set out realistic expectations for both parties, even though you might feel tempted to underestimate the timeframe – it’s not a good idea.

  • Make a good first impression on the proposal.
  • Outline their goals and challenges and set the stage for your solutions.
    • Detail the findings of your discovery session with the executive summary.
    • Expand on the strategies and tactics you plan to use to reach their goals.
    • Provide a summary where you clearly lay out the scope of work.
    • Detail how you’ll measure success in the metrics section.
    • If it’s for a client, convince them that you’re the right agency for the job.
    • Provide proof of success in a case studies section.
    • Outline the terms and conditions/contract for the relationship.

    Activation Notes & Photos

    Ayden Activation Group programs are All-Inclusive of on-call coordinator during the activation, staff training, management fee and post activation reporting needs.

    • Wildposting are 36″x 24″ posters and printed 4CP on one side. Rate includes production, placement, removal, location list, and photos. Turnaround time is 1 week.
    • Unless otherwise indicated all programs will run without the need for a permit, should the client require we permit any part of the program there will be additional conditions and costs to the particular component.
    • Activation Report will be provided 1-3 business day from the activation launch date.
    • All rates are quoted NET. Up to 50% of Activation Costs may be due prior to Activation Start
    • All pricing, cost, and assumptions are for planning only and not final until a contract is executed.

    Client Notes

    One of our agency partners has an urgent need for Wild Posters in Manhattan.
    The advertiser (TBD) wants to place Wild Posters all through Manhattan, starting immediately (this week, if poss.)
    Ideally, the posters would be placed at dedicated sites in groups of 8, 12, or 16 (stacked & side-by-side).
    Can you send a recommendation for this type of program with details and costs?
    — Possible locations
    — Sample photos
    — Lead Time
    — Cost for 4-Weeks (Space, Production, Install, etc.)
    — Payment Terms