Light Years Ahead!

In today’s speed of light and faster than thought digital age, traditional marketing strategies
can be so boring and predictable! As consumers, it feels like so many marketing attempts
follow the same old, tried-but-not-so true steps, which always feel like brands are being
shoved insistently in front of our faces, without any true value behind their message. If you
feel like a brand is harassing your wallet, odds are you’re not going to oblige. To blame for
these lackluster attempts at your attention, are the marketing agencies that are ill equipped at
representing the best your brand has to offer. Ayden Activation Group fully understands the
flaws other agencies possess prohibiting them from catalyzing your brand to success. This
insight allows us to identify our strengths, and stand far above the rest.

Why do we know that the most successful partnership your brand will make is with Ayden
Activation Group? It’s because we truly understand the technical and visionary demands of
your brand. That’s why we are available 24/7, so your last minute strokes of brilliance are
realized immediately. We’ll take your brand’s message and expand it to your target
consumers in innovative and cutting edge ways, using our national and international nontraditional
media capabilities. We know the face and personality of your brand can make or
break your brand’s vision, and a 40,000+ database of hand-selected, highly educated and
passionate Brand Ambassadors await the opportunity to become the face and voice of your

Ayden ensures that every marketing strategy we employ consists of cream of the crop Brand
Ambassadors who fully understand where your brand is now, and where it wants to be. Trust
us, our Brand Ambassadors will get the job done in an unforgettable fashion, from dazzling
flash mobs parading the hottest new Broadway show in the heart of Times Square, to small
towns looking to get their local startup brand the national and international attention it
deserves. We are able to hit all types of markets, large and small, with the same respect,
attention and an eye towards the future, worthy of a Clio Award. Our detailed activation
reporting allows you to track and lead your brand’s progress in real time, rather than
analyzing data long after activation is over when mistakes can’t be undone and opportunities
not grasped. Our pliable activation terms allow you to rest assured that your brand is being
marketed to its fullest and most impactful potential, without traditional constraints like
unnecessary agency fees or ridiculous rates for inferior performance.

Ayden Activation offers the peace of mind other agencies don’t provide; the most competitive
rates and standards in our profession. We are the industry leaders in experiential and nontraditional
advertising, and quite simply put, we are the best at what we do!
If this sounds like your cup of brew, hit us up and our partnership will grant your brand the
appreciation and consideration it demands!

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