The Art of Street Advertising

If you’ve ever walked down the street of a major city, you’ve seen street advertising. Still not
sure? What about the guy dressed up like an item of food, holding a sign for the local lunch
deal? That counts. Or someone handing out flyers in front of a store? Yep, that counts too.
Sidewalk chalking, street posters and hired brand ambassadors are just a few more of the
many examples of street advertising, something that we here at Ayden Activation Group excel
at as a promotion agency. But why should you care?

Because it works, that’s why. Plain and simple. Street advertising may seem simple, but it’s
extremely effective. Its results driven, economically smart and can often lead to same-day
results in many situations. As a unique blend of guerilla marketing, non-traditional advertising
and intelligent, innovative thinking, street advertising is an excellent choice for many
businesses trying to reach their consumers.

The key to making street advertising effective is to set yourself apart from the rest of the
crowd. Ayden does this through a wide variety of non-traditional advertising tactics, from
street teams to off-the-wall guerrilla marketing ideas. Our experienced and knowledgeable
staff makes sure your business is being promoted in the best way possible through strategic
advertising tactics and an in-depth understanding of the street advertising world. To top it off,
we bring creativity to the table with an understanding that every business is different. We
know that what might work for one client may not work for another; with that in mind, we keep
each approach to our street team projects as fresh as possible, constantly brainstorming
ideas to make each interaction better than the last.

By using technology to measure activations, Ayden brings key brand awareness and a
positively reinforced brand image to the table for every business looking to speak to their own
specific target market. These efforts are also seen in client social media accounts, driving
awareness and increasing customer interaction across all social media platforms. Our goal is
to share your individual message on your own door step, throughout your neighborhood, city,
state and finally, nationwide.

Connect with us today to learn more.

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