Washington University

Driving Impact: Washington University’s Digital Billboard Truck Campaign

Client: Washington University

Market: St. Louis, MO

Campaign Length: 12 non-consecutive days

Activation Brief: Washington University’s agency partnered with Ayden Activation Group to execute a series of activations using a digital billboard truck. The university aimed to generate brand visibility and engagement by leveraging a dynamic and mobile marketing solution over 12 non-consecutive days.

Solution: Ayden Activation Group embraced the proposal for the digital billboard truck, recognizing its potential to captivate the target audience effectively. With strategic placements in prominent locations across St. Louis, including The Loop, Forest Park – Zoo, Maplewood, CWE, Midtown, Downtown, and West County, the campaign achieved maximum visibility and impact.

Execution: Ayden Activation Group flawlessly executed the 12 non-consecutive days of activations, utilizing the digital billboard truck to showcase Washington University’s brand and messaging. The truck’s mobility allowed for coverage during Cardinal baseball games and the 4th of July festivities, strategically reaching diverse audiences and capturing attention throughout the city.

Results: The Digital Billboard Truck Campaign for Washington University delivered impressive results, garnering significant brand visibility and engagement. The university’s message effectively cut through the noise of the market, leaving a lasting impression on the local community and establishing a strong brand presence.

Conclusion: Ayden Activation Group’s seamless execution of the Digital Billboard Truck Campaign enabled Washington University to successfully achieve its marketing objectives. The dynamic and mobile nature of the activations provided a powerful platform for the university to connect with its target audience and elevate its presence in St. Louis. By embracing innovative marketing strategies, Ayden Activation Group delivered a successful campaign that showcased Washington University’s commitment to impactful and creative advertising.