Carrying the Experiential Torch Since 2005


Ayden Activation Group is a full-service field marketing agency here to ignite brand interest in ways never imagined before. From street teams to experiential activations to innovative out-of-home advertising, our “outside the box” approach finds fresh ways to get in front of your customer’s eyeballs and stay there.

We’ve got what it takes to create and execute all aspects of your campaign with over 17 years of experience lighting up major brands, including Sprint, GE, Live Nation, Disney on Ice, Centers for Disease Control, and more. Yet, our nimble and agile structure allows us to respond to curveballs in real-time and make changes as the need arises to maximize results.

WE’RE STILL HERE- As experiential marketers, we’ve always had to bob, weave, and think on our feet. Although this global pandemic has been a real sucker-punch to our industry, we’re still here kicking butt and taking names. When the going gets tough, our team gets to work, helping our customers adapt and thrive in this new normal. Far more than event staffing, we are a full-service agency able to develop innovative promotions you may never have considered before. From sidewalk chalk to branded sandcastles, we can help you find new ways to get the word out and connect with customers during this time. Since team health and safety are paramount, we have developed protocols to ensure activations adhere to CDC guidelines.

OUR TECH– From managing staff to measuring results, is tracking all the moving parts of your program enough to make your head spin? We use an industry-leading app to help you get a handle on all of the nuts and bolts, all in one place, in real-time. Track staff attendance, capture photos and videos, and monitor budgets and KPI results with continuous data capture and dashboard reporting and analysis. Less time on paperwork means more time for doing what you do best.

OUR REACH– We serve clients nationwide as well as internationally. We have the reach and relationships needed to provide staffing in any size market, large or small, even rural areas many agencies won’t touch.

OUR PEOPLE– We built our agency from the ground up. Beginning as humble BAs ourselves, we can speak their language and know what gets them going- and doesn’t. Praised for our clear communication and positive management style, we have built relationships with top-quality talent across the country you can trust to light up your activation. From performance bonuses to phone check-ins, we go above and beyond to ensure our talent shows up on-site and on time, ready to rock. Fun fact- we have a stellar event staffing industry record, with a 100% show rate in tier one markets and 98% in tier 2 and 4 markets.

Check out some photos from our recent activation: