Brand: GE

Markets: Georgia, Maryland, Florida, Oregon, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington State


GE faced the challenge of reaching home improvement store customers in various markets and making them aware of their appliance promotion. The customers visiting these stores usually have specific items in mind and are often unaware of special offers in different departments. The goal was to engage potential customers who may not be actively seeking a new appliance and educate them about GE’s quality products while convincing them of the money-saving opportunity.


To address this challenge, GE partnered with Ayden Activation Group, renowned for its expertise in delivering results-driven product sampling solutions. Ayden’s highly trained brand ambassadors engaged Home Depot shoppers and effectively communicated GE’s money-saving offers in the appliance department. The activation team conducted extensive research across the markets and provided comprehensive training to 64 brand ambassadors and 13 market leaders. They managed the logistics and schedules for the product sampling campaign, ensuring a seamless execution.


The 9-week product sampling campaign led by Ayden Activation Group yielded outstanding results. Brand ambassadors acted as catalysts, resulting in the sale of millions of dollars’ worth of GE appliances during the promotion. The success was measured through the number of rebates paid out, and it was evident that many customers, even those not primarily shopping for appliances, took advantage of the special offer. Over 30,000 handouts and rebate offers were distributed, further enhancing the campaign’s effectiveness.


GE’s collaboration with Ayden Activation Group exemplified the power of targeted product sampling in reaching potential buyers and driving sales. The campaign successfully addressed the challenge of making shoppers aware of GE’s promotional offer while educating them about the brand’s high-quality appliances. The exceptional people skills and product knowledge of the brand ambassadors played a pivotal role in engaging customers and generating excitement. The campaign’s resounding success underscores the value of experiential marketing in capturing consumer attention and driving conversions.