RETHINK Influencer Seeding Campaign in Dallas and Chicago

Client: RETHINK Brands

Market: Dallas and Chicago

Timing: 2 days per market @ 8 hrs per shift

Staff: 2 Brand Ambassadors per market

Activation Brief

RETHINK Brands wanted to create a powerful impact and build brand awareness for their products in the competitive markets of Dallas and Chicago. To achieve this, they sought to collaborate with key influencers, charities, and daycares, while also engaging with prominent news anchors and reporters.


Ayden Activation Group partnered closely with RETHINK Brands to flawlessly execute the Influencer Seeding Campaign. The client provided a curated list of influencers and locations in both markets, ensuring the campaign reached the right audience.


Ayden Activation’s skilled Brand Ambassadors embarked on the two-day campaign, delivering specially curated packages to targeted locations. Each package contained a selection of RETHINK’s popular products, including Rethink Kids Water and Rethink Kids Juice Splash.

To personalize the experience and enhance engagement, the packages were thoughtfully customized with seeding letters, informative booklets, and business cards. The delivery process was meticulous, with each package carefully assembled with one 8-pack of each SKU – Fruit Punch Water, Berry Water, Fruit Punch Juice Splash, and Watermelon Juice Splash.

The campaign targeted key influencers, charities supporting healthy kids, and daycare centers in the two markets. Additionally, Ayden Activation engaged prominent news anchors and reporters from WGN9 and ABC7, amplifying the campaign’s impact and reach.


Through the RETHINK Influencer Seeding Campaign, Ayden Activation successfully connected RETHINK Brands with influencers, charities, daycares, and prominent media figures in Dallas and Chicago. The campaign achieved significant brand awareness, helping RETHINK Brands establish a strong presence in both markets. The personalized approach and strategic partnerships resulted in positive consumer engagement and valuable feedback for the client.


Ayden Activation Group’s seamless execution of the RETHINK Influencer Seeding Campaign showcased the power in building brand recognition and engagement. By collaborating with key influencers and organizations, RETHINK Brands established a meaningful connection with its target audience, setting the stage for future growth and success.