Brand: Sprint

Market: Riverside, CA

Activation Brief: Sprint, a prominent wireless network provider, aimed to make a significant impact in the Riverside, CA market with their “Switch and Save” promotion. To achieve this, they partnered with Ayden Activation Group, a renowned expert in street-style marketing and guerrilla tactics. Ayden’s task was to create a dynamic and engaging campaign using a street team of 6 brand ambassadors and 1 team lead to generate awareness, drive foot traffic to the Riverside location, and encourage customers to switch and save with Sprint.

Execution: Ayden Activation Group assembled a skilled and enthusiastic street team consisting of 6 brand ambassadors and 1 team lead, specially trained for Sprint’s “Switch and Save” campaign. Armed with comprehensive knowledge of Sprint’s services and the exclusive promotion, the brand ambassadors took to the streets of Riverside wearing Sprint-branded apparel.

The street team executed a multi-faceted approach, effectively reaching potential customers. They handed out eye-catching flyers showcasing the “Switch and Save” offer, distributed swag items like branded merchandise, and initiated friendly conversations with passersby using a talking script to highlight the savings and benefits of switching to Sprint.

The brand ambassadors strategically positioned themselves in popular shopping and entertainment districts, bustling transit stations, and other high-traffic areas across Riverside. Their engaging interactions with the public captured attention, and their energetic approach created a buzz around the Sprint promotion.

Results: Ayden’s street team’s efforts were instrumental in driving results for Sprint’s “Switch and Save” campaign in Riverside. The engaging street activations significantly increased foot traffic to the Riverside location, resulting in a notable rise in in-store visits and purchases.

The distribution of flyers and branded swag items effectively generated awareness and educated potential customers about the exceptional savings they could enjoy with Sprint. The talking script approach allowed the brand ambassadors to communicate the value proposition clearly and persuasively, encouraging a positive response from the audience.

Conclusion: Through the powerful combination of Ayden Activation Group’s experienced street team, consisting of 6 brand ambassadors and 1 team lead, and Sprint’s compelling “Switch and Save” promotion, Sprint successfully made its mark in the Riverside, CA market. The engaging street activations, street team’s genuine enthusiasm, and strategic locations effectively boosted Sprint’s brand visibility and customer engagement.

By leveraging the street-style marketing approach, Sprint was able to stand out from its competitors, driving interest, foot traffic, and ultimately customer conversions in the Riverside market. The partnership between Ayden Activation Group and Sprint showcased the effectiveness of guerrilla tactics in reaching the target audience and achieving campaign goals.