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Washington University in St.Louis (WashU) embarked on an innovative marketing campaign utilizing Digital Backpack Billboards (DBB) to target two major sporting events in St. Louis: the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game on April 4th, 2024, and the UFL’s St. Louis Battlehawks home opening game. The objective was to leverage digital technology to promote WashU’s educational programs and connect with attendees in dynamic outdoor settings.


6 Brand Ambassadors 

6 Digital Backpack Billboards


4/6 – 12:45pm-6:00pm 

4/8 – 4:45pm-9:00pm 


4/6: St. Louis Cardinals Home Opener (Bush Stadium, Paddy O’s + ballpark Village) 

4/8: Battlehawks Home Opener (The Dome at America Center) 

Activation Feedback

Activation Feedback: St. Louis Battlehawks Event:

  1. “I’ve never seen anything like these out and about before. How cool! What a great, new way to really market differently and stand out. I definitely want to scan this QR code and see what this is all about.”
  2. “What a fun, fresh way to get the word out about WashU and their offerings. I went to WashU and am a proud alum so it’s great to see you out here representing my alma mater this way.”
  3. “Love WashU. A few friends and a few family members have gone there, and I’ve always been intrigued myself. This honestly is kind of sign I need to look into it.”
  4. “These are so dope! The only thing I’d love to see is a way to actually interact with them more. A game, trivia, something like that…”
  5. “WashU really is such a beautiful campus. I’m really impressed with what they offer, and it’s even more cool to see they offer even more than I thought. I will definitely look through their programs as I’m thinking about going back to school myself.”

Activation Feedback: St. Louis Cardinals Event:

  1. “I just took both of my sons to tour WashU. One’s a junior and one’s a senior. I think at least one of them will go there as we found the campus to be beautiful.”
  2. “I’ve actually been thinking about going back to school to finish a degree and have heard good things about WashU.”
  3. “I work for WashU! How cool to see you all out here and these digital signs are awesome.”
  4. “Love your backpacks. Such a great marketing idea.”
  5. “Man, I wish Lindenwood would do something like this too. What a great idea WashU.”
  6. “Those are so cool (our backpacks). What a great, easy way to get your message across.”
  7. “We heard many positive comments about WashU’s campus and programs.”

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