base culture

Base Culture – Experiential Retail and Trade Show Product Sampling

Program Type: Retail Sampling, Trade Show Sampling at Richard’s Emporium 40th Annual Food Expo

Market: Florida

Activation Brief: Base Culture aimed to create a strong presence in the Florida market by launching its products in 15 well-known retail stores, showcasing three SKUs – Sandwich Bread, Cocoa Raspberry Brownie, and Cashew Butter Blondie. The brand sought the expertise of Ayden Activation Group to execute a experiential marketing campaign involving retail and trade show product sampling. The challenge was to provide professional, knowledgeable brand ambassadors who could handle high-traffic sampling events, delivering exceptional interactions and boosting product sales.

Execution: Ayden Activation Group seamlessly coordinated with each retail store to schedule product demos. Our team handpicked experienced brand ambassadors with expertise in high-traffic trade show sampling, ensuring they were equipped to engage with crowds of over 5,000 event-goers. Custom reporting portals were developed to provide the client with real-time access to activation data, enabling them to track the success of the campaign.

Results: Retail Sampling Data:

  • 450+ interactions

  • 690+ product samples distributed

  • 250+ units sold

One-Day Trade Show Sampling Data:

  • 1,780+ product samples distributed

Conclusion: Ayden Activation Group’s collaboration with Base Culture resulted in highly successful retail and trade show product sampling campaigns. The strategic execution of the activation brief, coupled with the expertise of our brand ambassadors, led to significant interactions and product samples being distributed. The impressive sales figures showcased the effectiveness of our experiential marketing approach in driving brand awareness and sales for Base Culture in the competitive Florida market. This case study highlights the power of experiential marketing and Ayden Activation Group’s ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients.