Charter Communications


Charter Communications, Inc. 


St. Louis, MO


Charter’s Pay-Per-View division needed to increase its number of subscriptions to the WWE Wrestle Mania cable viewed events.


Charter Communications selected  Ayden Activation Group to develop a strategic marketing campaign to generate additional viewers of its Pay-Per-View service. Our activation consisted of six person street team that targeted  high-traffic/busy locations throughout the St. Louis area and one mobile billboard advertising truck. These two non-traditional marketing tactics would spearhead our three day marketing surge in distributing flyers to event participants outside the Family Arena and traveling along highways and high traffic roadways in our custom mobile billboard truck displaying Charter’s advertisement; with both of these mediums encouraging consumers to subscribe to Charter Communications.


  • Street team distributed 20,000 + flyers 
  • Thousands of direct impressions to clients message on our Mobile billboard truck.
  • 4% increase in viewership’s for the WWE Wrestle Mania events in the St. Louis market.

Street team reported an overwhelming acknowledgement of our marketing efforts by comments they received from consumers saying they would sign up to watch the WWE Wrestle Mania events through Charter Pay-Per-View and the high influx of honks and cheers our mobile billboard truck received as it traveled down local streets and highways.