Desert Dogs

Elevating the Desert Dogs Lacrosse Team in Las Vegas, Nevada

Activation Brief: The Desert Dogs, Las Vegas’ newest lacrosse team, sought to make a splash in the city by creating excitement and anticipation for their inaugural match. Owned by sports legends Wayne Gretzky and Steve Nash, the team promised fans an electrifying experience filled with non-stop action. Ayden Activation was entrusted with executing the team’s marketing initiatives to capture the attention and hearts of the local community in Las Vegas. The challenge was to effectively announce the team’s arrival, engage potential fans, and provide easy access to information about the opening match. In a bustling city like Las Vegas, Ayden Activation rose to the occasion, implementing a strategic plan to break through the noise and captivate the local community.

Execution: Ayden Activation deployed a team of experienced and enthusiastic brand ambassadors to execute a series of targeted marketing initiatives. The campaign included:

Sidewalk Decals: Strategically placed eye-catching decals featuring the team’s logo and a QR code in high-foot-traffic areas throughout Las Vegas. When scanned, the QR code provided mobile users with all the information they needed about the opening game. Decals were prominently displayed at busy intersections, parking garages, and near popular parks.

Brand Ambassadors: Friendly and knowledgeable brand ambassadors were stationed at the doors of the Michelob ULTRA Arena inside Mandalay Bay Resort. They enthusiastically handed out rally towels to fans, creating a positive and memorable experience. The brand ambassadors played a crucial role in engaging fans and generating excitement for the team.

Gretzky Jerseys and VIP Check-In: On a special promotion night, the brand ambassadors presented Gretzky jerseys and facilitated VIP check-ins for the first 4,000 fans. This exclusive experience added to the buzz surrounding the inaugural match and created a sense of anticipation among attendees.

Results: The Ayden Activation campaign, backed by the dedication of our skilled event staff, proved highly successful. The opening match saw a nearly sold-out stadium, with a strong turnout of enthusiastic fans. Moreover, with Ayden’s assistance on another promotional night, the Desert Dogs broke the previous attendance record, further solidifying their position in the local sports scene.

Conclusion: Ayden Activation’s strategic marketing initiatives, complemented by the efforts of our experienced brand ambassadors, successfully announced the arrival of the Desert Dogs Lacrosse Team and generated widespread excitement for their inaugural match. By utilizing a mix of channels, including sidewalk decals and exclusive promotions led by our enthusiastic brand ambassadors, the campaign successfully engaged potential fans and filled the stadium with excited attendees. The campaign’s resounding success showcased Ayden Activation’s ability to create a memorable and impactful brand experience for the Desert Dogs, helping them to establish a strong presence in the local community.

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