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(Most home improvement store customers are shopping for a specific item and are unaware of
special offers in different departments)

Most home improvement store customers are shopping for a specific item and are unaware of
special offers in different departments. When you visit a home improvement store, it’s to buy a
light fixture, a tool, garden supplies or other supplies for a particular project. The shopper is
typically male. He is focused. He knows what he wants. His plan is to get in and get out with
the items he needs for the job with little or no distraction. Women, on the other hand, though
they may be shopping for a particular item, are more prone to look around the store for any
unexpected bargains.

(Make all shoppers aware of a GE appliance promotion no matter what they are shopping for
that day)

  • Generate attention for GE’s appliance promotion.
  • Engage potential customers who may not be in the market for a new appliance.
  • Educate customers on the quality of GE appliances.
  • Convince them that this is an unexpected opportunity to save.
  • Train brand ambassadors to effectively deliver the advertising message and answer questions.
  • Coordinate in-store brand ambassador efforts with ad agency-directed media campaign.

SOLUTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Use highly trained GE brand ambassadors to make potential buyers aware of GE’s money-saving offers)


GE wanted to move a lot of product in a short amount of time, which warrants a proactive rather than passive marketing strategy.                                          Ayden Activation Group was brought into the marketing mix because of its proven track record for guerrilla advertising
tactics that are guaranteed to engage potential buyers and boost sales.


The challenge: 

To make Home Depot shoppers aware of GE’s sale in the appliance department and to help
customers recognize it as a serendipitous opportunity to save. The response from women
was quite positive. Once the brand ambassadors got the attention of male shoppers, many of
these customers also responded to the offer. Working closely with GE advertising agency,
Ayden handled every aspect of the in-store, guerrilla marketing plan, which included
extensive research in 20 different markets, as well as product knowledge training for 64 brand
ambassadors and 13 market leaders. Ayden also managed the logistics and schedule for
each of the 20 activations. 


The challenge required using brand ambassadors with exceptional people skills who could engage shoppers without being intrusive.                                       Team members were handpicked for their friendly personalities and communication skills as well as their ability to

generate excitement about the money-saving offers. The specialized training ensured that the brand ambassadors were experts in their                                field by the time the event took place. In fact, the ambassadors often pre-sold customers by answering questions about each model.
Oftentimes, they kept customers engaged until store personnel could take over and write up the sale. Wearing branded t-shirts made                                    the teams standout and drew attention to the promotion.





Brand ambassadors were an effective catalyst in the sale of millions of dollars of GE appliances during the promotion.                                                          Results were tracked through the number of rebates paid out. Although most customers were not in the store to specifically                                                    shop for an appliance,  many took advantage of the special offer. They also liked dealing with knowledgeable appliance experts.

  • Over 30,000 handouts and rebate offers were distributed.