Metro PCS

Metro PCS
St. Louis, MO

(Increasing Consumer Interest in Metro PCS After Its Merger with T-Mobile)
Metro PCS’s merger with T-Mobile’s Nationwide Network increased its consumer scale
and reach nationwide. Targeting consumers unaware of the expanded advantages of
having Metro PCS as their phone carrier was priority, so Metro PCS joined forces with
Ayden Activation Group in the St. Louis market, the only marketing group they truly
trusted to guarantee increased Metro PCS sales and branding in an interactive and
entertaining manner.

(Why Choose Metro PCS Over Other Cell Phone Carrier Providers)
With the digital age allowing everyone access to superior phones, deals and prices, how
is Metro PCS to prove their edge over the competition? Who better to call on to further
the image of Metro PCS than Ayden Activation Group, which stands above the rest
based on years of marketing and brand activation experience. Ayden Activation rose to
the challenge and provided a solution.

(Increase Consumer Interest, Improve Brand Image and Augment Sales Through
Direct Customer Interactions)

With years of marketing experience, Ayden Activation truly understands the importance
personal consumer interactions play on cementing business relationships and client
retention. The most critical aspect of guerrilla marketing is providing consumers with
positive and memorable experiences. Ayden Activation provided Metro PCS with clear
logistics, routing, event staff, street teams, and production necessary to increase Metro
PCS brand image and sales. Ayden Activation came up with 30 customized marketing
street team campaigns during the 5-month marketing blitz, which allowed Metro PCS to
market its Wireless for All and $5 Hot Spot features along with its merged T-Mobile’s
Nationwide Network Coverage. The 5-month campaign increased new Metro PCS
carrier plans and cemented its image as one of the most superior phone carriers in the


  • Street Teams
  • Door Hangers
  • Branded Restaurant Placemats.

Street Teams focused their branding campaigns at:

  • Churches
  • Popular Shopping & Entertainment Districts
  • Cardinal and Rams Games
  • St. Louis Zoo
  • Greater Hispanic Festival of St. Louis
  • Mexican Independence Celebration
  • Sista Strut 5K Run
  • Transit Stations

Brand Ambassadors engaged consumers talking about the increased benefits of signing
up with Metro PCS while distributing scratch-off game cards, promotion fliers, branded
chap sticks, soda mug sleeves, Metro PCS carrying bags and Metro PCS ponchos at
cardinal games during inclement weather.

To further increase Metro PCS’s marketing scale, Ambassadors participated in 25 Metro PCS
grand opening store ceremonies. The events included “live remotes” with Hot 104.1,
Alternative 105.7 and Majic 100.3 radio stations at different locations each week. BA’s
set up promotional tables and distributed complimentary Metro PCS gifts and information
fliers while consistently educating consumers on the perks of having Metro PCS as their
phone carrier. To increase Metro PCS marketing reach,brand ambassadors targeted pedestrians
in busy shopping plazas and businesses within a 1-mile radius from each Metro PCS

Ayden Activation provided Metro PCS with Street Teams that distributed 10,000 door
hangers between four main locations in St Louis within a 1-3 mile radius from each
Metro PC location. Another aspect of the 5-month launch was Ayden Activation’s                                                                                                                                                                          branded placemat campaign. Ayden Activation Group selected and partnered with 15
restaurants in the St. Louis market and distributed 25,0000 branded Metro PCS
placemats in restaurants ranging from BBQ joints to Chinese and Soul Food restaurants.
The placemats were a huge hit and increased consumer interest and sales of Metro
PCS carrier plans. Each location provided placemats on their tables for 30 days while
supplies lasted.

Another innovative guerrilla campaign Ayden conceived was the Crush the Bug
activation. Ayden, along with Metro PCS marketing teams selected 5 popular Cricket
Wireless locations in the St. Louis market. BA’s actively sought out consumers and
encouraged them to come inside and test their current connection speeds to those of
Metro PCS while witnessing for themselves the superior functionalities and benefits of
signing up with Metro PCS. In an effort to engage consumers in a fun and inspired

manner, customers also got a chance to video record their gripes about Cricket while
testing their carrier’s connection speeds. When consumers were finished with their
recording, they would put on oversized Metro PCS boots and crush paintball “bugs” in an
effort to release their excitement and energy over the Cricket games. Additional Metro
PCS premiums were awarded to consumers who displayed great flair and fervor.

(Increased Sales and Improved Metro PCS Brand Image)
Ayden Activation’s cutting-edge Metro PCS campaigns solidified the Metro PCS image
as a creative and engaging phone provider with excellent benefits and positive
consumer interactions.