The Muny

The Muny – Engaging Brochure Drops & Eye-Catching Posters

Client Overview: The Muny is a renowned outdoor theater located in St. Louis, Missouri, celebrated for its spectacular Broadway-style productions. With its exciting 105th season lineup, including beloved shows like “Beautiful,” “Beauty & The Beast,” “Chess,” “West Side Story,” “Little Shops of Horror,” “Rent,” and “Sister Act,” The Muny aimed to captivate audiences and boost ticket sales.

Campaign Objective: The Muny sought Ayden Activation Group’s expertise to execute a targeted marketing campaign. The primary objective was to engage with higher-end businesses and upscale audiences in the St. Louis area, driving ticket sales and fostering a stronger connection with the community.

Campaign Execution:

  1. Upscale Locations Targeting: Ayden Activation Group conducted thorough research to identify higher-end businesses and upscale areas in St. Louis that resonated with The Muny’s target audience. These exclusive locations were chosen to maximize exposure among the desired demographic.

  2. Premium Poster Placement: Eye-catching posters, showcasing the grandeur of The Muny’s 105th season, were strategically positioned in sophisticated establishments such as luxury shopping centers, boutique hotels, and fine dining restaurants. These posters generated excitement and anticipation for the upcoming shows.

  3. Personalized Brochure Drops: Ayden Activation Group deployed Brand Ambassadors equipped with 100 brochure holders, each filled with detailed show schedules and captivating information about The Muny’s productions. Brand Ambassadors personally engaged with potential theater-goers in upscale areas, emphasizing the allure and excellence of the upcoming shows.

  4. Engaging Brand Ambassadors: Ayden Activation Group ensured that their Brand Ambassadors exuded poise and charm, perfectly complementing the sophisticated ambiance of the targeted locations. Their engaging interactions and comprehensive knowledge of The Muny’s 105th season left a lasting impression on potential attendees.

Campaign Results: The Brochure Drops and Posters campaign curated by Ayden Activation Group yielded outstanding results for The Muny’s 105th season. The precise targeting of higher-end businesses and upscale areas contributed to increased ticket sales and heightened anticipation among the discerning audience.

Key Achievements:

  • Precise targeting of higher-end businesses and upscale areas.

  • Placement of premium posters in sophisticated establishments.

  • Personalized brochure drops to potential theater-goers.

  • Enhanced brand reputation and appeal among the target demographic.

Conclusion: Ayden Activation Group’s expertly executed campaign featuring Brochure Drops and Posters played a pivotal role in elevating The Muny’s 105th season marketing efforts. The strategic approach, focused on upscale locations and personalized interactions, successfully built anticipation and drove ticket sales. The Muny’s iconic lineup of shows, combined with Ayden Activation Group’s tailored marketing, resulted in a memorable and successful theater experience for the discerning audience of St. Louis.