Proposal For PBR - Las Vegas

Posters, Flyers, Wildposting, Sidewalk Decals

Client Notes:

We are roughly 3 weeks out from our Championship event in Las Vegas.  We were looking to do some easy but effective guerilla marketing.  Mark had shared the stickers you did around town for the desert dogs.  Is it possible to get a list of locations where these can be placed and a proposal.  I am also interested in any other tactics you find impactful in a short period of time. 

Why Ayden?

At Ayden Activation Group, we transcend the boundaries of being just an experiential or event staffing agency; we are your all-in-one solution for experiential, guerrilla, event staffing, sampling teams, and out-of-home (OOH) campaigns. Our multifaceted organization specializes in igniting brands and crafting unforgettable campaigns that make a lasting impact. With our diverse expertise and innovative approach, we stand out in the world of marketing and activations, providing a range of services to meet all your brand’s needs.

Through a strategic approach and precise execution, we captivate your target audience and keep them engaged. Ayden Activation Group is your dedicated partner in making your brand shine brighter than ever, leaving an indelible impression on your customers.

Sidewalk DecalsFull Color60$6,864
Sidewalk DecalsFull Color80$9,040
Sidewalk DecalsFull Color100$11,033
Venue & Street Posters250$1,477All-Inclusive
Venue & Street Posters500$2,796All-Inclusive
Venue & Street Posters1000$3,825All-Inclusive
Media FormatQuantity# LocationsMedia RateProduction Cost
Flyers In-Store5000125$2,104All-Inclusive
Flyers In-Store7500186$2,669All-Inclusive
Flyers In-Store10,000250$3,324All-Inclusive
Market# Locations4 posters per location)Production Rate Total Net Media Rate
Las Vegas20$4,200$900$5,100

Activation Notes

Sidewalk Decals: Measuring 24”x 24” and boasting full-color (4 CP) printing, someone strategically positioned our sidewalk decals using a guerrilla-style approach, requiring no prior permission. Decals will be removed after a 2-week period. The rate includes production, placement, removal, the location list, and photos.

Street Posters: Sized at 11″x17″, posters are printed in full color on one side and are placed in a guerrilla-style manner on street poles, utility boxes, and outdoor poster boards. Rates cover production, distribution, a detailed location list, and photos.

In-Store Posters: Sized at 11″x17″, posters are full-color single-sided printing, posters are positioned at eye-level inside chosen venues. Costs are inclusive of production, distribution, location list, and photo captures.

In-Store Flyers: Sized at 4″x 6″ flyers are full color on both sides and are strategically placed within businesses, typically near the checkout or entrance areas. The cost accounts for production, distribution, location details, and photo captures.

Wild Posting: Sized at 24″x 36″ posters are printed in 4CP on one side. The pricing includes production, poster removal, location listing, photos, and poster refreshes to maintain their appearance for the campaign’s entirety.

Media Impressions:

  • In-Store Posters: 250 impressions per venue daily

  • Sidewalk Decals = 1,000 per decal and day

  • Street Posters: 500 impressions per poster daily

  • Wild Posting: 18,000 impressions per location daily

  • In-Store Flyers: 2 impressions per individual flyer

Additional Notes: Unless outlined, our programs operate without any mandatory permit requirements. If permitting is desired by the client, supplementary conditions and costs will be applicable to that specific segment. Expect a thorough Activation Report within 1-3 business days post the activation commencement. All rates are quoted NET. Please note, all pricing, costs, and assumptions are for initial planning and will only be finalized upon contractual agreement.