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Driving Success for PBR Unleash the Beast at Madison Square Garden with Ayden Activation Group  

Client: Professional Bull Riders (PBR)  

Event: PBR at Madison Square Garden, Jan 5-7, 2024  

Market: New York City (NYC)  

Media Format: Sidewalk Decals and Wild Postings  


For the PBR Unleash The Beast showcase at Madison Square Garden, PBR and Ayden Activation Group teamed up to launch a high-impact advertising campaign throughout New York City. Leveraging the dynamic duo of sidewalk decals and wild postings, the initiative sought to not only magnify awareness of the event but also stimulate ticket sales, embedding the excitement of PBR within the energetic pulse of NYC.  


Sidewalk Decals: Strategically placed in areas with high foot traffic, generating significant engagement with around 780,000 impressions.  

Wild Postings Positioned in key urban spots to maximize exposure, reaching over 4 million impressions.  


Increased Ticket Sales: The innovative advertising approach led to a notable increase in ticket sales for the event.  

Boosted Brand Recognition: The campaign effectively raised PBR’s brand awareness among the target audience.  


The strategic advertising partnership for PBR Unleash the Beast at Madison Square Garden between PBR and Ayden Activation Group highlighted the effectiveness of targeted urban marketing. Utilizing sidewalk decals and wild postings, the campaign achieved significant ticket sales increases and boosted PBR’s brand presence in NYC, demonstrating the impact of creative and well-placed advertising in achieving event marketing goals.