Let’s face it, today’s fast-as-lightening demands smarter technology-and lots of it! This means
traditional advertising through broadcast print and direct mailing are falling behind to non-traditional
forms like guerrilla and experiential marketing. Why? People are always on the go.
Smart media has ensured that humans will never again interact with one another and brands
the way they did in Mad Men.

As the Founder of Ayden a full service Below-the-Line agency, I stand firm on the belief that
OOH adverting and Non-Traditional marketing strategies and media are becoming a higher
priority for brands on a budget, which wish to use experiential marketing to reach the public
with their message. With the coming of smart technology, the buying and selling landscape
has changed. As consumers, we all play a vital role with our buying power, thus brands must
now adapt to our needs and desires. There was once a passive consumer world, where
brands approached consumers, presented their refreshing new brand and consumers
welcomed it with open arms. Why? Because it was exactly that, new! Simply put, today’s
consumers know what they want. Rest assured, if you can’t provide them with what they’re
looking for, someone else will. So now as brands and messages jostle one another for a slice
of identifiable space, the active consumer world has become more knowledgeable and
discerning, now becoming the neck that moves the advertising head of the marketing sector.

Faced with this challenge, your brand and message must resonate with your target
demographic! Your expensive, prime time commercial may be seen, but with consumers
choosing cable alternatives like Netflix or Hulu, your chances have significantly slimmed from
just a mere 10 years ago when smart technology and various media options weren’t available,
and the boob tube, commercials and all, was the nucleus of family time. This means your
traditional media avenue may no longer be the right path to travel.

Realistically speaking, your targeted buying-power consumer demographic is busy! When
combined, OOH and Experiential place your message in front of consumers throughout their busy day. You no longer have to spend money further analyzing prime times to air your commercial, or waiting to send those email blasts, which may be immediately deleted. Experiential activations connect your brand with your audience anywhere in the world, and at the most effective times. From busy Hot Spot areas to your favorite lunch spot-experiential marketing makes sure your brand is seen and heard by all anywhere!

When combined, OOH advertising and Non-Traditional media will successfully brand your
message in the minds of your consumers in a way that keeps your consumers thinking about
it. OOH advertising and Non-Traditional Media- a perfect marriage.

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